Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the road to success

When I started down the road to becoming a full time voice over talent, there was a lot to learn. Not the least of which was how to run my own business and all that that entails. I'm still learning new skills as I go along - blogging for instance! - and enjoying the process.

While many of you on the VO Blog circuit have probably seen my friend Mary McKitrick's great post on setting rates, I think it's worth reading again...and again...and again! Her followup on perceived value in voice over is also a must read.

As entrepreneurs, because yes, that's what we are, it is our responsibility to value ourselves and our talent. That confidence will be reflected in how we interact with clients, who we can then turn into raving fans! And if certain people don't see your value, move on.

As one of my mentors, Barbara Winter, once told me "Make it your goal to only work with the willing."

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