Saturday, February 23, 2008

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2008 Voicey Awards!

Well, it was an honor just to be nominated!
Really it was!
I know that when you hear that, you're probably saying, "Yeah, sure!" but actually, even though I didn't win in my category, I was still really happy, and yes honored, to be considered!

And here's the thing, I was still able to let clients, prospective clients, colleagues and...ok, family ;-) know about the fact that I was in the finals. I got this great graphic to use as a promotional piece, and....there's always next year!

Frankly it was still a win for me!

As to who among my friends won:

Winner of Best New Voice - Jeffrey Kafer
Winner of Best Teen Voice - Jesse Springer
Winners Best Voice Team - Kara Edwards /Adam Fox
Winner Lifetime Achievement - Pat Fraley

Congratulations to all!

You can also go listen to the Voices Vox Talk Podcast of the announcement of all the winners!

Thanks to Stephanie Ciccarelli, and the entire staff for all they do for the voiceover community & for putting together the Voiceys!

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