Monday, February 11, 2008

I feel so much better now!

It has been a few days....OK over a week...since I've to all my thousands of readers I'm really sorry! ;-)

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, but I'm much better now & raring to go!...get ready!....she's baaaaaaaack!

So on that note of "feeling better."

As Voice Talent, one of the WORST things that can happen to you is to get a cold and/or sore throat. So we do all we can to prevent that from happening. But sometimes we just can't. So what can you do to at least shorten the duration, symptoms & effects of a cold so that you're not totally out for count & missing sessions?

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor...(although I have played one in narrations!)

-When I first feel as if a cold is coming on, I hit my nose with ZICAM, it's a homeopathic remedy that really does work as long as you use it right at the start of any symptoms. You can find it at pretty much any grocery or drug store these days.

- Oscillococcinum (try & say THAT 10 times fast!) by Boiron: another homeopathic remedy that I have found helpful, as long as you take at the first sign of symptoms.

- Throat Coat & Herba Tussin Herbal Teas from Traditional Medicinals are great at keeping your throat soothed.

- A Neti Pot....OK to be blunt, this is a way to wash out your nasal passes with's not pretty, but it really helps keep your nasal passages clear. This is more a preventative measure, and I know several voice talents that swear by this little contraption. I have just started using one and it does seem to help.

- Vitamin C: The old standby. Studies are now suggesting that it may not be as effective in high doses as we once thought, but hey, you don't want to get scurvy, do you! ;-) I take it everyday, and add one capsule if I feel something coming on.

- Echinacea: This extract of the cornflower has also been said to help in the treatment of colds. Again, studies vary, but I have found it helpful.

- Entertainer's Secret: a throat spray that you can use if you have a scratchy/sore throat and you still need to record! It will help sooth your throat and make you sound less like you have...well...a frog in your throat! After the VOICE 2007 conference last year, many of us Voice Talents came back with what we have come to call "Vegas Voice" due to the dryness of that air, the smokey casino where the conference was held, and well, all the cheering we did! Entertainer's Secret helped a lot of get through he following week's recording work without making our clients wonder what had happened to the golden voices that thought they hired! ;-)

- Try to keep a positive attitude. I can tell you from personal experience that when you're down emotionally, it DOES affect your immune system and your body's ability to fight off colds. Try to be as positive as you can, or surround yourself with people who will support you as you're going through your "stuff."

So that's what I do! Again:
Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor!

Obviously if you are feeling sick for longer than is normal for you, go see a doctor! My husband, who rarely gets sick, got the flu last year, went to the doctor and was given Tamiflu right away which really helped....and then I did the same thing when I saw the synptoms coming on.

The key is to know your own body. If you feel something coming on, deal with it right away in whatever way feels comfortable for you, don't wait, that'll only prolong the discomfort!

Let me know if YOU have any tricks or tips to keep your voice healthy!

That's it for now! Here's to your health!


MCM Voices said...

Liz, so glad you are back in the saddle!

I've found Zicam to be terrific, but stopped using it when I read that it can eventually wipe out yer sense of smell! (and it sure does sting!) My current fave is black elderberry extract, said to be a powerful antiviral agent. My experience has been that taking it at the first sign of a cold prevents the cold from getting a "nose-hold". You can get it at Whole Foods & other natural foods emporia.

This is the time of year to be especially vigilant. One starts to focus on spring, which is coming soon, and to feel one is out of the pestilential woods, when in fact this seems to be the season when everybody succumbs to respiratory ennui.

Liz de Nesnera said...

Hey Mary!
Yikes! I don't remeber hearing that about Zicam...hmmmm...something to think about (but it never stings for me). Great idea about the black elderberry extract! Thanks!