Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Searching for myself!

So....on his Blog today, my friend Peter O'Connell posted about "Google Placement" and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), all about our constant hopes of being on Page 1 of a Google search...or at least in the first 3 Pages.

So I went searching...for myself, so to speak!

Here is where I come up:

“French voice over” ranked #4! - THAT was a nice surprise!
“French voice talent ” ranked #6!
“Bilingual voice over” ranked #19 (page 2)
“French female voice over” ranked #69 (my page)
“Female voice over” - I gave up looking for me! ;-)
“de Nesnera” ranked #2 (after my older brother - every "de Nesnera" is my family!)

So then I went looking for "Hire Liz" my website url...just to see, and came up #1 - not bad.

It was a worthwhile exercise...I'm doing well in some areas, and need to work on some others!

Then, when I was doing the "Hire Liz" search I happened upon another "Liz": Liz Stevens.
She's an illustrator, and I just love her style! I don't know her, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of her artwork!

So today I learned something about my placement in cyberspace and found some cool art!

Time well spent, I think! (Thanks for the push, Peter!)


Peter O'Connell said...

Well Liz I've always been "pushy" but rarely get thanked for it ;)

Best always,
- Peter

Liz de Nesnera said...

There's always a first!!! :-)



Unknown said...

Hey, Liz...Thank you so MUCH for the nice comments about my blog and my illustrations! It is so nice to know that there are real people out there and they appreciate what I do! I'd like to find out more about the SEO stuff? So I'm gonna search for myself and see what happens!

Thanks again,
Liz (2)