Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3rd is Good People Day!

What an awesome idea! After reading a post by my friend, fellow VO talent & awesome marketing guy, Peter O'Connell I just had to pass it on!

uhhh....thanks Peter for "supplying" the graphic! :-)

Today, April 3rd, 2008 is GOOD PEOPLE DAY!

It was started by Gary Vaynerchuk who wants us to harness the power of the Internet and social media and have “people write and talk (and) blog and twitter and just flat out SING about people that are AWESOME and GOOD.”

In my life I have been blessed to have many GOOD PEOPLE help me along the way both personally and professionally. As someone once said "No man is an island," and even "self-made" men had help along the way. Below are just a few of the people who I consider not only good but AWESOME. Also, please know that this is far from an exhaustive list...I do need to get back to work!!! ;-) But just know that I have been blessed to have these people as a part of my life!

Of course my husband Brian, who married me in the midst of many family issues and whose support has allowed me to fulfill the role of family caregiver to my parents....and for doing ALL the grocery shopping for the past 10 years!!!!

Leanne Avery, the best sister one could ever hope for!

Fr. Alex Vinogradov, the coolest priest on the planet who has helped me through a lot!

....and when it comes to VO and Business, the following is a list of GOOD PEOPLE who I am SO lucky to have in my life! ...and remember, those of you that my mind has, for some reason, not included on this list....blame in on recent sleep-deprivation!!!! YOU are also AWESOME!!!!

There is no order in this list....I just love you all!

Moe Eagan - We met, we connected...yeah...we're stuck with each other for life!
Bob Souer - One of the most generous, giving, genuinely nice people on the planet!
Frank Frederick - Sassy & sensational!
Peter O'Connell - A marketing machine, and awesome talent!
Peter Drew - Full of info & fun!
Paul Payton - One of my most ardent cheerleaders & supporters, and a great VO!
DB Cooper - I humbly bow to her talent and generosity of spirit.
Mary McKitrick - Lovely & talented, insightful & awesome!
Connie Terwilliger - Fantastic VO, and always a fountain of info on how to move ahead.
Philip Banks - The wise one. I could listen to his voice (and advice) all day!
Kara Edwards - Beautiful AND talented....a striking combination!
Amanda Fellows - Friendly & fabulous!
Melissa Exelberth - It's great having someone who lives close by to chat with & who gets it!
Barbara Winter - The person most instrumental in helping me strike out on my own!
Alice Barry - Inspired entrepreneur & awesome friend!
Rosemary Senjem - Taught me how much fun it can be to play at work!
Johnna Gottlieb - I'm learning so much from her about the market & stepping up my game.
Joan Baker - Yeah, another killer combo of beauty, brains & VO talent!
Terry Daniel - Cool guy, funny guy, talented guy. Yep, that's Terry!
Trish Basanyi - We started at the same radio station, and both ended up in VO!

So there you go...the good people in my life right now....I'm SURE the list will grow...but I want to thank everyone who has helped me become who I am!...yeah...well...maybe they shouldn't be blamed for that! :-)

So?...who are the Good People in your life?


Bob Souer said...


I'm grateful to be on your list and even more grateful to count you as a dear friend.

Be well,

Liz de Nesnera said...

The feeling is SO mutual!
Safe travels!



Anonymous said...


I echo Bob S.'s comment. You're the best - and you'd be at the top of my list if I ever were to make one!

Stay happy and healthy,

Liz de Nesnera said...

You ROCK, Paul!
Thanks for ALL your support over the years.


Anonymous said...

When I hear that voice from a galaxy far, far away intone, "Come to the dark side," I will simply remember that I'm on your Good People List with good people like you, Liz. I wish you continued success!



Liz de Nesnera said...

Hey Peter!
hmmmmm....I thought I was the only one hearing those voices! ;-)
Thanks for visiting!


MCM Voices said...

Liz - awwwwwww! Thank-you dear.

Sign me

La MCM rougissante :)

Anonymous said...

I tell you again, I am truly humbled and honored. First of all, to even be on the list. Second of all, to be shoulder to shoulder with the rest of that amazing list...even if only for a moment! Thank you.

Liz de Nesnera said...

Mary! Amanda!
What can I say?... I just love surrounding myself with Good People!
It just makes life more fun! :-)


Anonymous said...

You are truly one of the treasures in my life.

Always a delight when ever we get the chance to talk.


Liz de Nesnera said...

Thanks so much Philip!
That means so much to me! Really!
And the feeling is mutual! :-)



Anonymous said...

Miss Liz,

You are on my Good People list 365 days out of the year. I am lucky to have you as a colleague and confidant. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

Rock on sista friend =)

Liz de Nesnera said...

Hey Moe!
Right back at ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

The luv goes both ways Liz! Keep on playin'! Rosemary

Kara Edwards said...


I echo every sentiment already expressed here. YOU are a treasure, and I am Blessed to know you!

Thank you dear.


Liz de Nesnera said...

I am SO feelin' the LOVE!
Thanks you ALL so much!

Unknown said...

sniff sniff..... :( . So bummed I didn't make the A Team.
Can I be on your list, too, my v-o sister?
Hugs anyway,
Bobbin Beam

Unknown said...
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Liz de Nesnera said...

OH Bobbin!!!!!
Like I said...I KNOW there are people I forgot!
You are ABSOLUTELY on my GREAT People list! :-)