Friday, January 2, 2009

When is YOUR New Year? we go again!

A brand new calendar year! (What's the alternative right?)

Is this a fresh start for you? Or just another day....

For me, frankly, it's a little of both.

When I was a kid, summer started at my best friend's birthday the first week of July and ended with my birthday the last week of August.

The New Year was always symbolized by September's start of the new school year. I loved getting all the new notebooks, and pens and backpacks, not to mention all the new books! I have always been an avid reader and I loved cracking open all those brand new books...except the Math ones...but that's another story! ;-)

January 1st just brought the end of the Christmas vacation break!

Through the years I have marked other milestone dates that brought new beginnings of sorts:

- October 19th: the day I got married
- April 10th: when me moved into our house
- November 17th: when my mother had her stroke - which started a whole new way of life for all of us
- May 24th: when I got "downsized" and was released to follow my dreams.

Yes, January 1st is the day I put up the new calendar and look back at how close I came to my calendar year financial goals. But it's less about "resolutions" for me, as it is about filing and organizing paperwork for taxes!

That's not to say that it's not a fresh start of sorts, but for me, other dates hold more meaning.

Whatever January 1st and the new year mean to you, I do hope this calendar year brings new hope and renewal to the world.

I hope it brings you health, happiness and prosperity!

And may 2009 be whatever you wish it to be...and more!

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