Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

OK! So it's "that" time of year again...Resolution-time!

What interesting about the concept of "resolutions" is that they usually involve some sort of major sacrifice or herculean effort....losing weight, quitting smoking, getting to the gym more often...Resolutions, frankly have a bad rap because they usually DON'T involve efforts we really want to make ...but rather ones we feel we SHOULD make....and that's why they are so often NOT kept.

On the other hand, when it comes to my voiceover career - that I LOVE - I see resolutions not as bad, but as opportunities to play and expand and grow as a voice talent and a business owner...I WANT to do these :-) What a concept!

My friend John Florian over at decided to put a call out to Voiceover talent to see who who would dare put their resolutions out there for all to see. You can check out Take One and Take Two (that's where I was quoted :-) and see what several of us have been brave enough to let everyone know about!

I figured I'd put mine here as well....Here goes!


For advancing my VOICE ACTING abilities, I will:

1) Attend a Marice Tobias workshop*
2) Attend Dan O'Day's Creative Summit *
3) Attend VOICE 2010 (OK, so I'll be teaching there too: BONUS! :-)
4) Finish the French version of my website and get the word out about it for continued French work
5) Since travel seems to be a theme with me this year, I'll look for a European conference/meet-up/seminar to attend...and visit family while I'm there! :-)*

For sharpening and improving my BUSINESS and MARKETING skills, I will:

1) Keep picking Harlan Hogan and Elaine Clark's collective brains! :-)
2) Keep up on a regular basis with everything Peter O'Connell, Philip Banks and Bob Souer have to say!
3) Finish reading at LEAST these 4 books on my "Business" reading list:
- The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook by Jay Levinson and Seth Godin
- Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith
- Positioning by Al Reis and Jack Trout
- Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson
4) Attend another of Barbara Winter's seminars *
5) Catch up on watching Bob Fraser's "An Actor Works" DVDs

* Of course as you may know...these will depend on my securing "mom-coverage".....Anyone want to come over and watch my 92 year old wheelchair bound mom while I go out and play? :-)....gotta get working on that!

Now if you want another way to look at resolutions, check out the article by my friend and mentor Barbara Winter who wrote a great post about this very subject!
10 Things To Do Instead of Making Resolutions

So now that these are in writing I have an official excuse to play, because of course, I HAVE to make sure I keep these wonderful resolutions...because I WANT to!

Happy 2010!
(two thousand ten...or twenty ten...however you say it!)
...and may all your wishes for the year ahead come true!

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