Saturday, March 8, 2008

VO Cold Remedies - Take 3

My friend, and talented Voice Over artist Peter Drew posted yet more remedies that voice talent can use to help prevent or shorten the span of a cold.

Hope this helps!

"As we all know, there is still no cure for the common cold, but there are a
few things you can try to reduce a cold's severity.

  • At the first sign of a cold, try Oregacillin from Physician's Strength. The
    active ingredient has been isolated from Greek oregano oil, which has been
    used for thousands of years to fight infections. A Johns Hopkins study showed
    that the active ingredient in Oregacillin kills viruses better than
    pharmaceutical antivirals. I use it and it does seem to prevent a cold from
    getting worse and cuts the time a cold hangs around.

  • Try nasal irrigation and zinc. For more info on nasal irrigation, visit this
    site: From what
    I've heard, zinc lozenges are much less effective than zinc ointment that is
    put inside the nostrils.

  • Gargle with salt water. Recent research indicates that much of a cold's
    infection actually resides in your throat. Gargling with salt water can help
    clear out that infection. Over the counter cold products and decongestants
    dry up mucous production, which can actually prolong a cold because there is
    no mucous to carry away the infection and products of the body's immune
    response to the cold.

  • If you're prone to catching colds, then a good defense is necessary. Penn
    Gilette of Penn and Teller fame says, since he went on the road with their
    act years ago, he's become a fanatical hand washer. He avoids shaking hands
    with people if he can and if he does shake hands with someone, he's very
    careful not to touch his face until he can wash his hands. He admits it
    sounds obsessive, but he can't afford a cold that will prevent him from

  • On hand washing, stay away from the antibacterial hand sanitizers you can
    pick up at the supermarket or drug store. Most of them contain triclosan, an
    antibacterial that has been linked to creating more resistant bacteria, and
    they don't have enough alcohol to kill viruses, which actually cause a cold.
    The only hand sanitizers that kill enough bacteria and viruses to be of
    value are the ones containing 60 percent or more of alcohol. The best way to
    sanitize hands is simple soap and water. Work up a good lather and wash rub
    your hands for at least 20 seconds and then rinse. Clean under your
    fingernails while washing, too."

Thanks Peter!

Remember...these are just suggestions, go see your doctor if you feel you're getting sicker than usual. You know your body best!

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